We get a lot of questions about immigration to Montenegro. Therefore, I will try to answer all the questions in stages.

So, how much money do you need for the first time, for example, for a year?

Consider an example of a family of two (husband and wife):

1. Flight from Moscow to Montenegro (out of season) - 300 euro (if you are from another city or another country, also consider the cost of the flight to Moscow);

2. Registration of a company (required to obtain a residence permit) - 350 euro;

3. Registration of a residence permit (residence permit) - 550 euro;

4. Also, do not forget that in order to obtain a residence permit, you will need an extract from your bank account on the availability of 3650 euros! Those. you will need to open your account at a local bank, deposit money there, make an extract, and then you can withdraw your money. The same will then need to be done for your half. This money is not spent, so we will not take it into account, but you need to have it at the time of registration of the residence permit.

5. Additional costs for the production of a seal for the company (20 euros), translation of documents (each - 15 euros, for two you will need about 5 documents: 2 passports, 2 police clearance certificates, 1 marriage certificate), medical insurance (60 euros) and a rental agreement (30 euros) – 185 euro;

6. For the company, it will be necessary to pay taxes in the amount of 150 euros monthly - 1800 euro (for the whole year);

7. Renting housing, for example, a two-room apartment (250-500 euros + utility services 50 euros per month) - 3600 euros.

The result is: immigration itself will cost you 2885 euro + rental housing (if necessary) 3600 euros.

This is the cost for the whole year for two people. In addition, some money will be spent on food (here, the amount of expenses will depend on your appetites :)) and on transportation. If you have free funds, and you will need to move around the country a lot, then I advise you to buy a car. Prices here are much lower than Russian ones. Our friend drove us a car from Germany; but you can find good options in Montenegro itself. You can cross off the list of rental housing if you decide to buy an apartment or a house here; then you will only have to pay for electricity, water and internet.
All this money, of course, will be spent throughout the year, and not on the very first day of your arrival in Montenegro 🙂 Well, in general, “this and that” - which in Serbian means “that's all” 🙂

Detailed information about the list of documents for immigration to Montenegro, terms and prices is given on the page Immigration to Montenegro.

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