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If you have already decided or are still thinking about immigration to Montenegrothen we will help you take this step. Looking ahead, I would like to say that the process of obtaining residence permit (permit) in Montenegro is quite simple, fast and does not require large investments. Despite the new legislation that came into force on April 1, 2015, the immigration process is still simple and fast. One of the main changes under the new law is the presence of a diploma with a certificate for nostrification, so do not forget to bring it when you move.

Starting from April 1, 2016, all property owners will be able to obtain a residence permit without opening a company and paying monthly taxes, our company offers discount when registering on the basis of ownership of real estate in Montenegro.

Site authors monteonline.ru we ourselves had to go through all the necessary formalities, and we are happy to share our experience and provide any assistance in paperwork.


For citizens:

Address of the Embassy of Montenegro in the Russian Federation: 119049, Russia, Moscow, st. Mytnaya 3, office 23-25. Phone: +7 499 230 18 65

If you wish to stay for a longer period, then you need to pre-arrange a tourist visa for a period of 3 months at the Montenegrin embassy in Moscow. All tourists in Montenegro must pay tourist tax at a rate of 0.8 euro cents per day per person (to get the so-called "white cardboard"). For a tourist, this can be done by his travel agent, hotel or apartment manager; You can also pay the tourist tax yourself at the police station.
If you fell in love with Montenegro and wish to stay here for a longer period and with rights that are more significant than that of an ordinary tourist, then business immigration.

Types of immigration

Business immigration is possible by invitation to work. In this case, the inviting organization can be both a Montenegrin company that wants to hire you, and a company that belongs to you. In Montenegro, any foreigner has the right to open a legal entity, i.e. firm, and invite yourself and anyone else you want to work. On the basis of an invitation to work is issued temporary residence permit ("borawak", which is essentially Montenegro work visa) for a period of 1 year. It is this method that is now actively practiced by Russian and other immigrants to Montenegro.

In addition to business immigration, there is family reunification immigration. On this basis, the owner of the company can bring his family to Montenegro without the need for employment. If you want to link your fate with Montenegro for a long time, then you will need to renew boravak for 5 consecutive years, after which you can apply for permanent residence permit. A permanent residence permit gives all the rights and opportunities of a resident of Montenegro, with the exception of the right to vote and run for president (without which, in principle, you can live!). Later you can get Montenegrin citizenship, however, in this case, you will have to renounce Russian citizenship, since Montenegro does not allow dual citizenship, however, like Russian.

Detailed with text Law on Aliens for 2016 in Russian you can see Here.

How to receive

  1. Arrival in Montenegro (visa-free stay up to 30 days).
  2. Registration of a company in your name (local law allows registration of companies for foreign citizens).
  3. Registration of a work permit and employment in the company as a director (or employment in
    an existing company, in which case registration of your own company is not required).
  4. Registration of a temporary residence permit for the director and employees of the established company.
  5. Registration of a temporary residence permit for family members.

Required documents

For clearance firms and boravka The following documents are required in Montenegro:

  1. Valid passport.
  2. Diploma of education (school or university), required with grades.
  3. Certificate of criminal record (can be obtained at the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia at the place of registration) (for a residence permit).
  4. Birth certificate for children (for family reunification).
  5. Marriage certificate (for family reunification).
  6. Registration at the place of stay (white cardboard) is done on the spot.

Terms of registration

Registration of a company takes approximately 4-8 days, registration of a boravka takes approximately 14-20 days. The speed of registration depends on the season, for example, in the summer season, due to the workload of the police, it takes a little longer (the police are responsible for registering tourists, as well as immigrants and workers from other countries). In autumn and winter, as a rule, the process is faster.

It is also worth mentioning that your personal presence is required only 3 times: at the notary (for issuing a power of attorney to submit documents on your behalf to a trusted company), when submitting documents to the police, where they will take your biometric data (fingerprints, photos, etc.). ) and upon obtaining a residence permit.
The terms for obtaining a residence permit are approximately 14-20 days. Diploma nostrification, 15-90 days.


Registration of a doo company (in our opinion, "LLC") - 250 euros.

This amount includes:

Additional expenses:

Monthly payments for the company (or LLC):

For the design of the boravka:

Additional expenses:

Employment in an existing company:

For registration of a boravka (subject to employment in an existing company):

Additional expenses:

Thus, when registering a family or several people, the costs per person are reduced.
Payment in full immediately is not required, when submitting documents you pay only 50% of the total amount, and upon receipt of a residence permit, the remaining 50%.

In March 2012, the Montenegrin government introduced an additional condition for obtaining a residence permit - this is the amount on your bank account at the rate of 10 euros / day for the entire year of stay in Montenegro - total 3650 euros per person per year. These are by no means expenses, but a formality confirming that you will have something to live on in Montenegro until you start earning. Nobody needs to pay this amount. You can withdraw the entire amount literally the next day and deposit it again to the account of the second and subsequent people.

In principle, you can register a company and a temporary residence permit and live in Montenegro, only paying the minimum taxes if you have income outside of Montenegro. Or you can start promoting your own business, because Montenegrins are calm and unhurried people, so some business niches are still not occupied. They, how to put it, lack some briskness and acumen, which is inherent in our more enterprising compatriots.

In the future, for the extension of the residence permit, or for another 1 year, we make a discount of 50%.

If you have already decided to move to Montenegro, you need to come here (our office is located in Herceg Novi) and contact us by phone: +382 69 96 2280 or write to us at email, we will tell you how to get to us and how to start the process of applying for a residence permit. It is better, of course, to contact us in advance so that we can provide you with the necessary information in advance, and you can prepare as much as possible for moving to Montenegro.

The data is current as of February 01, 2017.

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