Tivat, Montenegro

Where to rest

Summer rest

In Montenegro, in the summer season, perhaps the largest choice where you can relax. For example, the swimming season begins in April, but the hot and dry summer with a Mediterranean climate will give lovers to fry in the sun. The air temperature varies from 25 to 30C. The sea warms up to 25C. As for the beaches in Montenegro, there is something for every taste. Still, their total length is about 75 km, so you can also find fine sand here (in the south-eastern part of the coast, near the city of Kosovo). Ulcinj), and pebble beaches (in the southwest, near Herceg Novi). The water in the Adriatic Sea is simply crystal clear. Very often on the beaches of Montenegro you can see a blue flag, which means a guarantee of the quality of coastal waters.

Пляж Велика плажа (Ульцинь, Черногория)
Velika Beach (Ulcinj, Montenegro)

Skadar Lake - An interesting monument of nature. The lake is surrounded by picturesque and majestic mountains, and a huge number of water lilies and other vegetation are scattered across the lake itself. For lovers of rafting and canyoning, here is the deepest Tara canyon in Europe (depth up to 1300 m). Also camping around the lake.

Катание по Скадарскому озеру (Черногория)
Skiing on Skadar Lake (Montenegro)

Must visit Bay of Kotor, one of the most beautiful natural areas in the world. Here on the side of the mountain spread Kotor, which has a unique architecture, which is a protected world and historical object of UNESCO. Here you can find accommodation with beautiful views of the bay.
Fans of antiquity can also visit the Ostrog Monastery, which is a center of religious pilgrimage. The upper part of this 17th century monastery is built right into the limestone rock of the mountain.

Живая музыка на улицах Старого города Котора (Черногория)
Live music on the streets of the Old Town of Kotor (Montenegro)
Церковь Святого Луки (слева)
Church of St. Luke (left)

Winter holidays

This type of holiday in Montenegro is also very popular, but you need to clearly define for yourself what you want to find on the numerous mountain peaks.

In addition, Montenegro can definitely be recommended to lovers of untouched nature and free slopes, which is not always the case with well-groomed European mountains.

Покорение снежных вершин (Черногория)
Conquest of the snowy peaks

Montenegro is the land of foresters. You can safely go wherever your eyes look without burdening yourself with numerous permits or safety signals, etc. Rescue service, careful monitoring of mountain slopes and forest areas of national parks are present in full, they are professional enough, and therefore they are not felt presence. It's a completely different ideology.

Tours to Montenegro for the purpose of active winter recreation are sold in two main resort areas - Zabljak and Kolasin. Both resorts are located in the north of the country, a little further into the Italian Alps (and this, by the way, they are dear, just their remote Adriatic foothills, not yet 6 thousand meters high, but slightly lower) than the rest of the country. It is worth noting that during the collapse of Yugoslavia, an absolutely large part of the country's ski resorts moved to the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

Even in the former Yugoslavia, the untouched mountainous area was famous, party workers often rested here, and the usual "leaders and Stakhanovists" were given mainly vouchers to the Black Sea in Bulgaria, only a party worker could count on the resorts of Yugoslavia, including Montenegro.
However, do not be too seduced, in fact, the former sanatoriums for those who have already met with the usual level of Central European hotel service, look modest. Hotels in Montenegro are mainly designed for an ordinary man in the street or a true connoisseur of nature and relaxation. However, there are many private apartments of fairly high quality.

Национальный парк Дурмитор зимой
Durmitor National Park in winter
Нетронутые вершины Дурмитора (Черногория)
Untouched peaks of Durmitor (Montenegro)