Tivat, Montenegro

How to get to Montenegro

 1. By plane

Самолетом - самый быстрый способ!
By plane is the fastest way!

There are two airports in Montenegro that receive international flights: resort town Tivat (TIV), located near the coast of the Adriatic Sea, and the capital Podgorica (TGD), located inland. Tivat airport is convenient for those who travel to the area Bay of Kotor, and Budva and Bar Riviera, while Podgorica Airport is closer to Ulcinj. Both airports receive flights from Moscow, travel time approx. 3 hours. Many airlines operate regular direct non-stop flights from Moscow to Montenegro. With us you can book tickets at the most attractive prices — the flight ticket search module is in the left menu!

2. By ferry

На пароме - из Италии в Черногорию - что может быть интереснее?!
On the ferry - from Italy to Montenegro - what could be more interesting?!

Carrier Montenegro Lines, the company's website is available in English, the sale of electronic tickets is open. The ferry runs from the Italian cities of Bari and Ancona to the Montenegrin Bar and back. Travel time is about 9 hours (departure time at 7:00 and 22:00). To stay in Italy, a Schengen visa is required. The average ticket price per person is about 70 euros, the ferry transports cars.

3. By train

Долго, но зато есть время созерцать пролетающие мимо красоты!
Long, but there is time to contemplate the beauty flying by!

Railway communication is carried out by the company "Željeznica Crne Gore" (www.zicg.me, the website is only available in Serbian). Tickets can be purchased directly at the stations, as well as on the website of the Serbian Railways (http://www.zeleznicesrbije.com), the Serbian Railways website is available in English. The Serbian Railways website does not always respond adequately to inquiries, and a standard registration is required to make a purchase.

The central railway line of Montenegro connects the stations Bara, Podgorica and Kolasina, from where there is a connection with Belgrade in neighboring Serbia and from there already with the rest of European countries. The railway map of Montenegro is located Here. When traveling by train on the Bar-Belgrade railway line, magnificent views of the mountains and the gorges of the Zeta River open up. This branch is famous for the highest railway bridge in the world, its central part between two pillars is 198 meters from the bottom of the gorge. Travel time from Bar to Belgrade is about 9 hours, the cost of a bed is about 40 euros. Please note that when purchasing tickets outside of Montenegro, including in Serbia, you will need the national currency of the respective state, for example, in Serbia it is Serbian dinars.

4. By car

На автомобиле - сам себе хозяин :)
By car, you are your own boss 🙂

Traveling along the roads of mountainous Montenegro - as well as most of the Balkans - gives tourists a huge amount of impressions: the inexperienced gaze of the average tourist opens up mountain passes with breathtaking views of the Adriatic, bays, lagoons and lakes, narrow and not very serpentines, heights of hundreds of meters above sea level, from which lays the ears. Montenegro is a small country, and almost all of it can be easily traveled by car. In Montenegro, right-hand traffic. Maps for navigator (Garmin) can be downloaded Here.

In fact, there are several routes from Russia to Montenegro, but we recommend this route: Moscow - Kyiv - Reni - Bucharest - Belgrade - Lazarevac - Bielo Pole - Mojkovac - Kolasin - Podgorica - Cetinje - Budva. See the detailed route from Moscow to Montenegro by car on the map: http://g.co/maps/ae3ap

Another route proposed by our reader Vyacheslav, for which special thanks to him:
Russia - Moscow, Smolensk, Belarus - Minsk, Brest, Poland - Lublin, Rzheshov, Slovakia - Preshov, Kosice, Hungary - Budapest (travel only through the center), Balaton, Croatia - Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik.
On the way, only 2 days with one overnight stay in Rzheshov, this is exactly halfway. Roads are not very good only in Poland, about 350 km. The rest of the roads are high-speed and there are toll roads. Do not forget to buy vignettes for a car for driving on high-speed roads in Slovakia and Hungary.

In general, traffic inspectors in Montenegro are quite loyal to cars with foreign numbers, knowing that the drivers are most likely tourists who bring money to this wonderful country. So far, surveillance cameras have not been installed on the coast, and traffic violations are recorded personally by local police officers who stand in a few - known to everyone - places, armed with radars. The fine can be paid in two ways: 1) on the spot to the police officer who will issue the appropriate form, 2) at the bank - on the basis of the same form. The maximum permitted speed on the roads of Montenegro: 50 km/h in the village, 80 km/h outside the village. In Montenegro, the presence of alcohol in the blood of a driver at a level of up to 0.3 ppm is allowed (In the new law on road safety in Montenegro, which entered into force in January 2013).

Useful information about LAW ON ROAD SAFETY IN MONTENEGRO.

Foreign citizens can enter the territory of Montenegro on cars of foreign registration, subject to the presence of a driver's license (any sample! - do not throw money away for "international rights", which are ashamed to show) and "green cards" (green card, green card). Green card (green card) is a compulsory insurance of civil liability of foreign owners of vehicles in the territory of the countries participating in the international system "Green Card". A green card policy can be purchased from Russian insurance companies in advance or at the border when entering a country participating in the Green Card system. Unfortunately, not all Russian insurers sell a green card, especially for companies and their subsidiaries located outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg. To apply for a green card, you will need the following documents:

Among the Russian companies offering car insurance under the Green Card system are Ingosstrakh and others.

The Green Card policy is issued for a period of 15 days to 1 year. The cost of a green card to Montenegro for 15 days is approximately 30 euros.

Border points of Montenegro by car:

The cost of a liter of gasoline in Montenegro (95 and 98) is 1.35 and 1.38 euros, the cost of a liter of diesel in Montenegro is 1.28 euros. When you arrive at a gas station, know that you fill up first - then pay.

In resort towns, many parking spaces are paid, the cost can vary from 0.4 to 1 euro per hour. Payment is made either by SMS (look for a column indicating the parking area and a phone number to send SMS), or by paying for a coupon that is placed under the windshield (look for self-service posts or rospechat kiosks, where you can also buy a parking ticket). Unlike Western European countries, parking attendants actively monitor parking fees.

5. On a yacht

На яхте - это уже не просто добраться, это целый круиз!
On a yacht - it's not just getting there, it's a whole cruise!

Ports Bar, Budva, Kotor and Tivat have moorings for receiving and servicing yachts and boats. Since summer 2010 Porto Montenegro, (near Tivat) is the official port of entry. Porto Montenegro is a first class marina converted into a luxury marina from a former naval base. Porto Montenegro is not just a marina, it is a fully functional community built by yachtsmen for yachtsmen, including spacious waterfront residences, luxurious world-class restaurants and shops, cozy bars, as well as a developed infrastructure for sports entertainment, leisure and cultural events.

Data current as of January 16, 2014.